7 days, 13 days
Difficulty grade

  The ultimate GR trail, featuring iconic peaks and breathtaking views

  Incredible walking along the jagged spine of Corsica’s mountainous centre

  Get an insight into Corsican mountain life

  Stay in comfortable mountain gites with hearty food and luggage transportation

This self-guided circuit will allow you to discover the wildest and most beautiful landscapes that Corsica has to offer.

Considered as the most difficult and technical long-distance walk of Europe, the GR20 attracts walkers from all over the world looking for a challenge. One of the most beautiful mountain trails in Europe, this trek traverses Corsica diagonally from north to south along a high granite barrier of mountains which form the spine of the island. The Northern part is the more difficult, due to rocky terrain, steep ascents and descents, but also the most spectacular. The Southern half of the trail also offers some fantastic scenery, as well as an insight into the working mountain community.

The “traditional” GR20 route goes from refuge to refuge (i.e. bunk houses). We use Gites, which means that our trip is designed around the GR20 footpath but inevitably it diverges away from the traditional route at some points to reach the gites. This by no means affects the quality of the trip; on the contrary, it allows you to enjoy the same spectacular walking route with the benefits of more comfortable accommodation and hearty mountain food. The trip also includes luggage transportation, meaning that you will have access to your main luggage on most nights without having to carry a heavy load.

From Calenzana to Bavella: €1525 per person sharing.
From Calenzana to Corte: €799 per person sharing.
From Vizzavona to Bavella: €735 per person sharing
SOLO WALKERS For safety reasons, this trip is unfortunately not available to solo walkers.
ACCOMMODATION In gîtes d’étape (dormitory style) for 10 nights, 1 night in a tent, 1 night in a hotel.
  • A sleeping bag is required.
  • Four nights can be in rooms of two.
LUGGAGE TRANSPORTATION Your main bag will be transferred by vehicle every day, except on days 3 and 5, as the accommodations cannot be reached by road. On these two nights you will not have access to your main bag and so you should carry with you anything you may need. For the rest of the trek you just need to carry your personal belongings (camera, wallet etc) and your picnic for the day.
AVAILABILITY You can start the trek on any Sunday (subject to availability) from June until mid September
12 overnight stays (or 6 if walking just the GR20 North or South)
Breakfasts from day 2 to day 13 (except day 6)
Picnic lunches from day 2 to day 12 (except day 6, 7)
Dinners from day 1 to day 12 (except days 5, 6)
Day 1: Transfer from Calvi to Calenzana
Day 7: Train journey from Corte to Vizzavona (full version only)
Luggage transportation as per the itinerary
Detailed route notes and maps
Pre-departure information pack
24/7 telephone support
Flights & travel insurance
Any meals not mentioned above
Transportation from Bavella at the end of your trip
Anything else not mentioned in the “included” section
3 nights in accommodation for two : €99 (North Section)
Set of IGN maps (1:25000) : €85

The GR20 is very well-marked and accessible to walkers who are fit and have experience of mountain walking. Even though the GR20 doesn’t require any climbing techniques, you need to be used to trekking in the mountains and be able to read and follow map instructions. From 4 ½ – 9 hrs of hiking per day on sometimes difficult trails.

GR20 North

Distance: 11 km | Ascent: 700 m | Descent: 450 m | 4 hrs approx.

Your trip will start in the morning from Calvi, which is accessible by plane, train or ferry. A transfer to Calenzana is then organised for you. South-east of Calvi, this little village sits quietly within an area abundant with olive trees. From here you will start your hike to Bonifatu, which lies high up in the forest. This stage is characterised by several river crossings as well as magnificent views of the typical towns of the Balagne. It is an excellent warm up to the GR20, offering superb views towards the Corsican coast.

Accommodation: Gîte (double room available).

Meals included: Dinner

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Distance: 9.5 km | Ascent: 1300 m | Descent: 598 m | 8 hrs approx.

After breakfast, you will leave Bonifatu for one of the longest stages along the GR20. Once more crossing several rivers before reaching the famous footbridge of Spasimata, which is 30 metres in length and suspended above a waterfall (a great location for photos). You will arrive in the Valley of the Muvrella (mouflon) with its small lake. The viewpoints are numerous and divine from the passes. The route continues to the foot of the Monte Cinto – Corsica’s highest summit – where you will spend the night.

Accommodation: Gîte (double room available).

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Distance: 7.5 km | Ascent: 1200 m | Descent: 800 m | 8½ hrs approx.

To avoid the Cirque de la Solitude (closed to the public since 2015), you cross the Great Barrier Reef by the itinerary of Monte Cinto and through the Pointe des Éboulis. The route continues past the refuge of Tighjettu and on to Vallone, where a cluster of shepherd huts await you with ample portions of home-cooked food made from local products.

Accommodation: Tent

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your main bag will not be available on this day

Distance: 13.5 km | Ascent: 971 m | Descent: 1017 m | 6 hrs approx.

Your setting for the day is the valley of the Niolu, located at the heart of the island. After waking up to views of the surrounding mountains, the day begins with a gentle walk through a forest of giant Laricio pines before a long climb up the Bocca di Fuciale. You will be rewarded for your efforts with stunning views over the gulf of Porto and the Golo valley. From here, the path becomes much easier, as you wind your way down the valley, past the many rock pools on the Golo river, which are fantastic for bathing. The final stretch takes you back through the woods and up again to Castel di Verghio.

Accommodation: Gîte (double room available).

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Distance: 22 km | Ascent: 600 m | Descent: 640 m | 7½ hrs approx.

Today may be a long day for some walkers, but it is a real treat. Your journey begins between sea and sky with the crossing of Bocca San Pedru. The magic takes place once you cross the Bocca a Reta and see the jagged coastline plunging into the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. On the opposite slope, a glacial crater conceals the lake of Ninu, a Corsican treasure nestled in a lush green setting. Surrounded by pozzines (little ponds), the lake is also a sanctuary for wild horses, which can often be seen grazing peacefully around it. You then follow a little stream, which soon becomes the great Tavignanu River. You will spend tonight in one of the island’s most beautiful refuges.

Accommodation: Refuge.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your main bag will not be available on this day.

Distance: 12 km | Ascent: 720 m | Descent: 1400 m | 4 hrs approx.

After tearing yourself away from the natural pools near the refuge, you will make your way down the Tavignano gorge, to Corte. This stage offers more opportunities for bathing in the crystal-clear waters of the Tavignano river.
Overnight at a hotel in Corte. Dinner is not included and so you are free to eat at a restaurant of your choice, all within easy reach of the hotel.

Accommodation: Hotel, twin rooms.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at your hotel.

GR20 South

After breakfast, you have the chance to spend much of the day soaking up the lively atmosphere of Corte, the ancient capital of Corsica. Take your time to discover the citadelle, perched high upon a rocky crag, a defiant spectacle of Corsican patriotism. Visit the Museu di a Corsica, which charts the fascinating and turbulent history of the island, as well as spending time wandering about the many shops, cafes and restaurants. After quenching your thirst for civilisation, you will take the train to Vizzavona, where you will spend the night, before carrying on to the southern section of the GR20.

If starting here for the GR20 South, you can take a train to Vizzavona from Bastia, Ajaccio or Calvi.

Accommodation: Gîte in Vizzavona

Meals included: Breakfast, dinner

Luggage: You will take your day pack plus your main bag on the train to Vizzavona. The train station is a ten-minute walk from the hotel

Distance: 14 km | Ascent: 1155 m | Descent: 715 m | 5 hrs approx.

Today’s walk begins in a beech grove in the Vizzavona forest. The pass of Palmente offers a stunning viewpoint over the lakes of Diana and Urbino. The next trail segment takes you to the eastern slope and the shepherd’s hut of Alzeta. You then walk along an ancient mule-track to reach the gîte of Capanelle. Dinner and night at the gîte.

Accommodation: Gîte

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Distance: 12 km | Ascent: 630 m | Descent: 915 m | 5 hrs approx.

From Capanelle, you make your way to the picturesque sheep farms of Traghjete before trekking on towards the Plateau of Ghialgone. You will cross the footbridge of I Spiazzi (another bathing point). Your final descent of the day lies under the shadow of the rarest and most majestic Corsican fir trees, before reaching the Col de Verde.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Distance: 18 km | Ascent: 750 m | Descent: 1300 m | 8 hrs approx.

You begin the day with a climb to the Bocca del Orro, then walk through the plateau of Prato and its alpine fields. As you follow the ridge line, the valley provides spectacular views of the Taravo and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the eastern slope. You then descend through the forest of St Antoine to reach the village of Cozzano in the heart of Corsica.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Distance: 13 km | Ascent: 910 m | Descent: 500 m | 6 hrs approx.

Today you’ll climb to the Bocca di l’Usciolu and walk along the mountain ridge with its dreamlike rocky landscape, sculpted by the wind. The path descends through an alder-tree forest, aged over a hundred years. The lush vegetation becomes more dense and exposed, and you soon reach the plateau of the Cuscione and the shepherd’s huts of Bassetta.

Accommodation: Gîte.

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Distance: 23.5 km | Ascent: 980 m | Descent: 1100 m | 9 hrs approx.

This is the longest and hardest day of your trip, but the end of this superb trek is in sight. The plateau of the Cuscione initially offers gentle walking terrain with its green pastures and pozzines (small ponds). The climb then begins towards Monte Incudine. Once over the ridge, the descent takes you to the Asinau valley. The path continues to skirt around the spectacular granite peaks known as the “Aguilles” or “needles” of Bavella, which dominate the landscape of this Alta Rocca region. There couldn’t be a more breathtaking setting for the finish of your trek along the GR20.

Accommodation: Gîte

Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Luggage: Your luggage will be waiting for you at the gîte.

Your holiday comes to an end after breakfast. Please ask us about arrangements for getting to Ajaccio or Bastia for your journey home.

Getting to Calenzana

The most convenient airport to fly into is Bastia.
Calvi is easily accessible by train (from Bastia, Ajaccio and Corte). There is also an airport “Aéroport Sainte Catherine” and an international ferry port.
A private transfer will be arranged to take you from Calvi to the start of the GR20 trail in Calenzana.

Departure from Bavella

/ To get to your destination point from Bavella, you can either book a taxi transfer from Bavella or you can take the local bus or train. For train fares and timetables, please visit www.corsicabus.org
hiking the GR20
Calvi, Corsica
Hiking the GR20
Hiking above the Restonica Valley (c) Atout France / Robert Palomba
Campanelle signposts, GR20
hiking the GR20
walking the GR20
Hikers above a pozzine, GR20 (c) Atout France / Robert Palomba
Aguilles de Bavella, GR20
Col de Bavella

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