What do the difficulty grades mean?

We have a variety of self-guided walking holidays, with routes to suit all levels of fitness – from gentle coastal strolls to strenuous mountain hikes. Our grading system is designed to give you an idea of how strenuous each tour is and to help you choose the holiday that is right for you.

In general, Grade 1 holidays involve short distances on easy paths while, grade 5 holidays involve longer days with plenty of ascents and descents each day.

Naturally, the grading of individual holidays is subjective and within each holiday you will occasionally find some days slightly more challenging or easier than others. Also, because all of our tours are self-guided, you can go at exactly the pace that suits you. the grade descriptions below are intended as a general guideline so please read the tour itinerary carefully to make sure that you are choosing the right tour for you. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

  1. Easy
    generally short walking days on well-kept paths with few ascents/descents, but perhaps the occasional longer day
  2. Easy to Moderate
    slightly longer walking days with some ascents/descents, on well-kept, sometimes stony paths
  3. Moderate
    moderate walking on varied terrain, with some long days and regular ascents/descents. Some days will be more challenging than others
  4. Moderate to Challenging
    longer days, including some strenuous walking on more rugged terrain with significant ascents/descents on most days
  5. Challenging
    very strenuous walks, featuring long days with significant ascents/descents on challenging terrain. A good level of fitness and experience is required


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